Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Depression and anxiety. A two-headed beast Mamamia

Depression and anxiety. A two-headed beast Mamamia

Just finished reading this post on Mamamia's site. Thought it was so good, I had to share.

The writer talks about realising they were depressed, and the experience of taking medication. 


Ami Crazzi said...

What a great post :) I feel like I was pretty let down in terms of meds. I don't agree with it anyway but I know it can help, I was on so many different things however that I was just a mess. Thanks for sharing this its good to hear some hope. Its funny how long most of us suffer before we realize that not everyone does.

Maya Monroe said...

Yeah- it's amazing how much we put down to being just our personality, or just normal, before we hit rock bottom and realise, "Uh-oh, this isn't normal" Sometimes others have to point it out for us, and that can mess up friendships :-(.

I'll go into my experience with meds in a later post, but, just briefly, it took a really long time of me not taking the wrong drugs properly, before I found the right drugs and took them properly, for it to start working! Wah! What a mouthful!

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