Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My 2 year old knows how to express her rights to her body. I'm so proud.

I found a great article on the web today. I don't own my child's body

It got me thinking about my daughter, and something she's become comfortable with telling us and others recently. If she doesn't want to be touched, hugged or kissed, she will say so. Very clearly.

We haven't coached her to do this. Frankly, we thought she was too young to explain the concept to. But somehow, she's learned it all on her own. I'm so proud and relieved.

If someone tries to hug, kiss or touch her in anyway when she doesn't want to be, she will say firmly, "No cuddle!" or "No kiss!" or, most surprisingly, "No! My body!"

Sometimes this means we don't get hugs from her when we want them. And that can sting the feelings a little. But she is right- it is her body, and if she doesn't want to be touched, nobody- including us- has the right to make her.

My wee gem is a really affectionate girl by nature. She loves to hug and kiss everyone that she loves. There is no shortage of hugs in our house!

But it's perfectly natural that sometimes she doesn't want to. And how wonderful is it that she's learned that it's ok to say no to touching already. It makes me feel reassured that if the unthinkable happened, and someone tried to touch her inappropriately, she is already well on her way to learning the confidence to know that's never ok. We will keep encouraging her to stand up for her personal rights, and to know that only she gets to decide what happens to her body.


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